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Editing Services

Please let me know if you have any questions, need more information, or would like a personalized quote.

Send your manuscript as a Word Doc or via Google Docs to my email:

tamara.rittershaus [at] gmail [dot] com


For payment in US dollars:

For payment in Euro:

Services: Recent Books

Critique/Developmental Editing

Get guidance on how to revise your manuscript to get the story publication- or submission-ready. Developmental editing focuses on plot structure and character development.

Picture books to 800 words - $70 USD

Picture books 801 - 1200 words - $110 USD

Picture books 1201 - 2000 words - $140 USD

Manuscripts longer than 2000 words - Ask for a personalized quote.

Poetry Coaching

Poetry coaching is for writers who feel compelled to write in rhyme and want to learn to write in meter. Poetic meter is the pattern of harder and softer sounds which make a poem really sing. When it comes to writing professional-level poetry, meter is as important as rhyme.


Poetry Coaching includes developmental notes, analysis of three stanzas, examples of how they could be written in meter, and explanations of how I made the changes.

Picture books to 800 words - $110 USD

​Manuscripts of more than 800 words - Ask for a personalized quote.

Poetry Editing

Poetry editing is for stories in rhyme and meter. I analyze the entire manuscript syllable-by-syllable to check meter, and offer suggestions for where the meter is off or overly forced.

For up to 500 words, developmental notes and full-manuscript poetry editing - $140 USD.

​For poems over 500 words - 28 cents per word.

Sketch Review (Editorial feedback on illustrations)

Get editorial feedback on the layout, design, and text placement before giving your illustrator the “go ahead” on their sketches. Ideally at the “sketch phase,” editorial feedback can be offered at any point in the illustration process until you’ve signed off on the final images. 


Picture books up to 32 pages - $70 USD

Picture books of 33 - 48 pages - $110 USD

Manuscripts longer than 48 pages - Ask for a personalized quote.

Please send a low-resolution PDF for illustration review.

English-Spanish Translation & Editing

Expand your market by publishing a SPANISH or BILINGUAL EDITION of your book!

My team can provide translation only, or an all-inclusive translation, editing, & marketing package.

- Professional editing in English and/or Spanish

- Professional translation services 

- Digital text placement for your bilingual or Spanish edition

- Marketing package (blurb, description, & taglines) for the Spanish market.

Editing bilingual picture books (your translation) up to 1000 words - $110 USD

Translation + editing of picture books in prose to 600 words - starting at $425 USD - Ask for a personalized quote.

Translation + editing of manuscripts in poetry - starting at $625 - Ask for a personalized quote.

Full-Manuscript Poetry Revision

You know your rhyming picture book needs to be written in meter, but you don't have the time or skills to do it yourself. A full-manuscript poetry revision is available.

Ask about a personalized quote.

Line Editing

Line editing is developmental editing on the line-by-line level. I make suggestions for how you can better “Show, don’t tell,” and improve your word choice to reduce redundancies and inconsistencies.

Picture books to 800 words - $70 USD

Picture books 801-1200 words - $110 USD

Manuscripts longer than 1200 words - Ask for a personalized quote.


Proofreading is the final round of editing before submission/publication. It focuses on grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax.

Any proofreading work may be outsourced to a vetted freelancer.

Picture books to 800 words - $70 USD

Picture books 801-1200 words - $110 USD

Manuscripts longer than 1200 words - Ask for a personalized quote.

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