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Editor Portfolio

To view 70+ published books I've worked on as editor, visit this List on Amazon.

Highlights from a few projects I've worked on:

Cover Princess for a day.jpg

I loved working with author Pragya Tomar to develop the story of Bina the Asian Elephant. Pragya enchants the reader with her story of kindness and a touch of Indian culture.

cover my llama drama.jpg

Author Lisa Kalma and I worked well together because we are both perfectionists when it comes to poetry! In My Llama Drama, the narrator is faced with a mystery — why are the llamas talking?!

Cover Dont Paint the Cat.jpg

Writing developmental notes for Julia Inserro's book Don't Paint the Cat required me to wear two hats: editor and early-childhood education specialist. I helped Julia develop this silly story's subtle message of setting responsible boundaries.

Cover Parable of Mama Giraffe2.jpg

Author Bachar Karroum came to me with a great idea, and I was able to help develop it into a fantastic picture book. The Parable of Mama Giraffe brings a complex, abstract discussion to a child's level. You'll be pondering this story long after you read it.

Cover Clock Strikes Halloween.jpg

I worked with author Lisa Ferland through Poetry Coaching and Poetry Editing. Her delightful rhymes brings the child reader through Halloween one hour at a time. What happens at Midnight?

Cover Not Like the Others.jpg

Author Jana Broecker has a talent for rhyme. I enjoyed editing the meter of her poetry in this hidden-pictures book. Each page has fun facts about the animals and a challenge to find the one that is Not Like the Others.

Cover Clock Strikes Christmas Eve.jpg

Lisa Ferland and Pei Jen teamed up for a second picture book, When the Clock Strikes on Christmas Eve! As the poetry editor, I am proud to have worked with this all-female team of creatives. Come with us hour-by-hour to welcome Santa at midnight.

It's Not Easy Being Santa Cover.png

When working with author Pragya Tomar on developing the story of It's Not Easy Being Santa, we kept changing the story and the layout until she had a product that we LOVED. You'll love this Christmas story as well!

armadillo on my pillow cover.jpg

When author Deb Stevenson contacted me about Poetry Coaching for An Armadillo on my Pillow, I jumped at the opportunity! Deb writes in an anapestic rhythm, which is such a fun poetic meter for children's stories, like The Cat in the Hat or 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. You'll love this book's rhythm and rhyme!

As an Amazon Affiliate, I can earn a little extra if you use my links and make a purchase. Thanks so much for supporting me as a work-at-home mom!

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