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Freelance editor specializing in children's literature,

particularly picture books and poetry.


Owner of Pull a Wagon Publishing.

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About Tamara

Tamara Rittershaus is a kid-lit author and freelance editor, specializing in picture books and poetry, an expat mom, and a Montessori kindergarten teacher. Her tri-lingual family lives in Magdeburg, Germany.

Tamara's editing services include developmental editing, line editing, poetry editing, and her signature “poetry coaching” for novice poets. Tamara focuses on picture books and other forms of children's literature.

She is the author of two picture books:

Marie's Big Adieu speaks to the heart of every child who's said a "big goodbye" and moved away from a friend.

Lockdown Drill at Superhero School, is a book for teachers and parents to calmly prepare for a Lockdown.

Coming in 2023: Mermaids Don't Fart!

Now available on Amazon!

Released: February 2020

Marie feels her world crashing when Dad says they have to move. What’s even harder than leaving her beautiful country home is saying goodbye to her best friend, Lorelei. Dad is there, but it’s not the same without Lorelei. When Marie meets a girl at City Park, she realizes that she doesn’t have to replace Lorelei, but can have a best friend close by and a best friend far away.

An emotional story in rhyme about saying goodbye and starting new, Marie’s Big Adieu acknowledges the fear and grief of those “big goodbyes” and validates the child’s struggles in new situations. 

The beautiful illustrations and poignant poetry will connect to the heart of any child who has moved away from a best friend. A perfect gift for a family moving with children, expats, military families, or anyone who’s said a “big adieu” to a best friend.

Purchase the hardback or e-book on Amazon today!


Now on Amazon!

Now available on Amazon!

Released: April 2020

Calmly prepare for a Lockdown Drill with Superhero Skills!

The kids at Superhero School imagine a lockdown caused by fire-breathing dragons, supervillains, even wild animals. They know what to do and who to trust because ...

Superheroes are prepared!

Students use their superhero skills to get out of sight, keep quiet, and stay calm in a Lockdown Drill.

Lockdown Drill at Superhero School is a tool for teachers, parents and other educators to calmly prepare students for a Lockdown Drill while clearly explaining the seriousness of the drill.

Purchase the paperback or e-book on Amazon today!


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